Miller Family, Owatonna, MN ~Family Photography

Bubbles, leaves, laughter, and even a game of “Ring Around the Rosie” made the Miller extended family photo session a night to remember. I was lucky enough to have Rita has a co-worker back during my teaching days. From my time spent teaching in Waseca, I knew that Rita is a special person, but meeting her family proved this even more. They made me feel like a member of the group as we joked around.  Never once did they question one of my crazy photo ideas.

If the Session Was Fun, the Reveal Will be a Blast!

Even with all the fun we had at the session, the best part was when Rita and Joe came over to view their final images. They sat down in the dark room to watch their video and they quickly started talking about each picture as it came on the screen. Listening to their reactions was priceless. Rita kept saying “Ooh I like this one!” and “Just look at us!” Whenever little Ava came on the screen, Joe would so proudly say “That’s my girl!” It was obvious that he was one proud grandpa! When the video was done, we covered all the purchasing options. Then Rita said something that still makes me smile when I think about it, “Can we watch it again?” This is what I love. Creating images that you need to look at again and again because they make you feel happy is something that I just love.

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