Pregnant and Waiting

People say there’s no greater joy than being pregnant, but I would say they’re wrong. They have the right idea, but it needs a bit of tweaking.  I prefer to think of pregnancy as the happiest reason ever for feeling like crap. It’s no secret that being pregnant presents it’s challenges, but the reward definitely offsets everything a mother has to endure.

Newlyweds Jon and Teresa are expecting their first child, a boy in December. This means Teresa is several months pregnant and dealing with the not so enjoyable aches and pains that accompany this exciting time. An outsider looking at these images, only sees the look of complete happiness on the faces of Jon and Teresa. While I was talking with Jon and Teresa about their little man, Jon’s mom kept piping in and calling him “Baby JJ.” Her level of excitement was apparent as she affectionately referred to her grandson as “Baby JJ.” A silly nickname for the baby is one of those pains no one warns new mothers about, but Teresa took it in stride. All joking aside, welcoming a new baby is a family affair and these two are very lucky their little boy has an amazing extended family that can’t wait for his arrival.

Maternity portraits are a special way to decorate your nursery and can easily have a newborn session added on. To book a session with me, I am always available over email or on the phone.

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Portrait Session for a Sitter

This portrait session has to be one of the most amazing sessions that I have had the pleasure of taking! Each time I look at these photos, I am taken back to this session and it brings a huge smile to my face. This little sweetheart was just a few days away from celebrating her first birthday. She had eyes only for her mama the entire time and was trying to crawl to her. At one point, she grabbed my fingers to stand up. I slowly let go of them and she took a few steps in my direction. Instantly mom was clapping and cheering for her little’s girls first steps! From that moment on, there was no more sitting. She was always up and, on the go, pushing a chair around my studio determined to walk unassisted again.

Details Behind a Successful Sitter Portrait Session

Prior to any portrait session, all of the details are planned out. We discuss everything that makes their child happy, pick out a few outfits and accessories to wear, and plan where their artwork will hang in their home, everything is done with intention at Nicki Joachim Photography.

During a sitter session such as this one, I like to give the kids freedom to explore. While I’m busy behind the camera, they are playing with their favorite stuffed animal and listening to songs that make them smile. This allows me to capture their genuine smiles and reactions to games such as peek-a-boo.

A special thank you to Cotton Baby Bonnets for creating this beautiful romper to be used in this session. More of their work can be viewed here:

These portrait sessions are absolutely gorgeous to decorate your home with. To book a session with me, I am always available over email or on the phone.

Nicki Joachim Photography serves Owatonna, Waseca, Faribault, Dodge Center, Blooming Prairie, Austin, Albert Lea and other southern Minnesota cities.

Senior Portraits ~ Owatonna Senior Photographer

Now is the time to start planning your senior portrait session! I am on the hunt for 2020 seniors that are interested in having a fun photo session. Students that are chosen will have the opportunity to be a featured senior for the upcoming school year. Only a limited number of seniors will be accepted from each school.

Please contact me at to check on the availability for your high school.


Newborn Portraits, Owatonna, MN ~Owatonna Newborn Photographer

It meant the world to me to be asked to photograph this little man for his newborn portraits. Last year I photographed the wedding of his parents and now they are a family of three! The happiness, hope, and dreams the family has for a new baby fills my heart with joy. There’s just nothing like a new baby and I don’t take my responsibility as a newborn photographer lightly.

Izekiel was nearly two months old when he came to visit me. He proved that newborn portraits can be done with older babies.

Parents may be sleep deprived at this point in their parenting journey, so they can relax while I take care of their newborn. Cynthia was clearly in love with her son and enjoying her new role as a mother. She has shown tremendous maturity by caring for her newborn alone, while her husband Dempsey is overseas serving in the Army.

newborn boy posed with mom for a beautiful family portrait by MN Newborn Photographer Nicki Joachim Photography of Owatonna, Minnesota

Before this newborn session, I worked with Cynthia to plan all the details for her son’s newborn portraits. It was very important to incorporate Dempsey in some way since he was not able to be present for the portrait session. We decided to include some of Dempsey’s Army gear.

The neutral colors used for Izekiel’s newborn portraits will complement any home décor making the images perfect to hang proudly on the wall.

newborn baby boy in beautiful infant portrait by MN Newborn Photographer Nicki Joachim Photography of Owatonna, Minnesota (1)

To book a session with me please contact me here. I would be honored to welcome you to my in-home studio in Owatonna before your little one arrives. We will work together to select props and plan any other details you wish to use for your baby’s newborn portraits. To view other newborn photos click the link here.

Child Photo Session, Owatonna, MN

Spring fever has hit me hard! Since we’re not going anywhere warm, the next best thing is looking at photos from a child session on a warm day! Last summer I had the sweetest girls travel all the way from Dakota, Minnesota to see me for some princess time. We started by trying on and selecting dresses at the studio. Then we ventured to Leo Rudolph Nature Reserve in Owatonna, Minnesota to have some fun.

Once we got to the park, the twirling and giggles started. They were little girls being truly carefree and having a ball. The most important part about taking portraits of young children is being flexible. Children at this age can react to the camera in many different ways so it’s important to take your cues from them and just go with it. And these two really had me going! I made my steps goal just by chasing them around the park. My favorite part about doing more of a lifestyle child session is capturing the kids how they truly are. The silly faces or the way they point their feet are the little details we try to hold on to as our children grow up. These sessions are always so much fun and it means the world to me to document it all for you. To book a session with me, I am always available by phone or email!

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