Time is Fleeting

Every adult says it, and it feels like a cliché until you realize it’s true, time flies. It’s not like someone actually hits the fast forward button on our lives like in Click, but it sure feels like it. As we get older, our time is taken up with driving kids to practices, appointments, playdates, and of course shopping for the last minute dress-up day at school. Not to mention the calls from our own parents asking if the most recent update for their phone is a scam. Technology + seniors = headaches for their children, but that’s a story for another day.

Dense Fog Warning

I am currently in the thick of this crazy shuffle of 100% relying on our family calendar leaving me in a fog. I’m constantly wondering what I’m forgetting or missing out on. While archiving older sessions, it hit me. I am missing something, but WHAT I’m missing wasn’t a permission slip or a practice. I was missing what truly matters, the little things like: the twinkle in Jake’s eyes when he tells me about a touchdown at recess, the way Ellie’s nose crinkles when she tells a joke, and the sound of their giggles as Jordy jumps all over them. Through the chaos, I had lost sight of the magic I create for my clients.

Beauty in the Clearing

Now you might be wondering how I got from archiving photos to being all sappy. Nearly five years ago, I took newborn photos of one of the easiest babies ever. Then this past spring there she was, back in front of my camera as a young girl getting. To me, it felt like no time had passed. But, this young girl in front of me was living proof of how wrong I was. I felt compelled to pull out her newborn pictures from my archives. Looking at them made me appreciate the beauty in the journey of life. Instances like this make me fall in love with photography all over again. I do what is impossible, I freeze moments in time. When I look at a photo I can hear the laughter. I feel the excitement and imagine I’m back at that very moment.

For all of you amazing people that took the time to read this, I ask you to do one thing, take the picture. One day that picture will bring a flood of old memories to the surface and bring you back to that time long ago. Sweet Lily, thank you for sharing your giggles. You reminded me to work my way through the fog and see the magic in my daily life.

Dress by: Hadley’s Couture Cape by: Only Little Once

Newborn Lily

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