Senior Portraits ~ Owatonna Senior Photographer

Now is the time to start planning your senior portrait session! I am on the hunt for 2020 seniors that are interested in having a fun photo session. Students that are chosen will have the opportunity to be a featured senior for the upcoming school year. Only a limited number of seniors will be accepted from each school.

Please contact me at to check on the availability for your high school.


Bucket List for 2019

2018 is nearing its end, which means it’s time for reflection and goals. This year will mark the end of my first full year in business as a photographer. I have been challenged in ways I never imagined. In my most wild dreams, I never thought I would photograph a wedding. This year alone, I photographed four of them! I enjoyed each and every one and can’t wait to shoot more weddings in 2019. My ability to manage large groups of people was tested several times as I worked with extended families for photo sessions. Trust me, getting twenty people (many of which are young kids) to cooperate at the same time is no easy task. I was even ambitious enough to plan/host a shoot-out event for photographers from across Minnesota.

After all of this excitement, I am ready for more new challenges. For 2019, I have created a Bucket List of photography sessions that I would love to capture. Some of these sessions are new to me and some are sessions that I enjoyed so much that I can’t wait to do them again. I mean really, who wouldn’t just love being able to shoot more proposals?

Bucket List for 2019 portraits by MN Family Photographer Nicki Joachim Photography of Owatonna Minnesota

I am asking for your help in spreading the word. Please share this will anyone that might be interested in a more unique session experience. Completing my bucket list is a big part of my personal goals for 2019, so I will be offering special pricing on these sessions. Please contact me here or email me directly at

Family Photo Session, Waseca, Minnesota ~Family Photographer

This has to be one of the most fun and light-hearted winter family photo sessions that I have done this year! I just love everything about this family! Just check out how sweet this family is when they interact with each other.

Winter outdoor family photo session by MN Family Photographer Nicki Joachim Photography of Owatonna, Minnesota

The Engstrom family did a great job thinking about how to coordinate their outfits. Kelley & Zach chose focal color and used neutrals to pull all their outfits together. Since their family photos were taken in the winter, they made sure to wear plenty of layers to stay warm. They even brought a blanket with to wrap up with when they got chilly. Needs ideas for colors? Check my pinterest board with loads of color combinations.

Outdoor winter family posed portrait by MN Family Photographer Nicki Joachim Photography of Owatonna, Minnesota

For a family photo session, I start by taking the posed family shots. While I am shooting, I talk with the family members and get to know them a bit. This helps everyone in the family feel at ease. Once everyone has forgotten about the camera, I switch things up and do more lifestyle shots. Lifestyle family photos capture the connections between family members and tend to be my favorite shots of the entire session.


During family sessions, I always let the kids jump right in a test out some of their own ideas for photos. I have found that when kids are able to help out, they have more fun at the session. Having fun and creating memories is a huge part of a successful family photo session. When you have a good time during your photo session, it helps create a story and not just a nice image.

Another thing I love about family photo sessions is showcasing the different people that make up the family. Sometimes we forget about the relationship between the parents, so capturing their love is important to me.

Family photo sessions are a great way to decorate your home or create mini-albums for your family to view. To book a family photo session with me, I am available over the phone or email.

Beautiful outdoor winter family photo session by MN Family Photographer Nicki Joachim Photography of Owatonna, Minnesota

Outdoor Couple’s Session, Owatonna, Minnesota ~Family Photographer

Outdoor couple’s session

Being outside is one of my favorite things, add in a fun couple, and my camera and it’s going to be a great day! These two mean the world to me, so saying I loved this session is an understatement. I enjoy photographing couples outside where they can relax and get a little silly. This location in particular is the home of Deb & Dave making the outdoor winter scenery special. Recent snowfall in Owatonna, Minnesota created a beautiful canvas for their portraits. While walking around their property, Dave and Deb reflected on the journey they have taken together as a couple. They moved from a cramped house eighteen years ago to their large farmhouse with about 20 acres. They have spent the years transforming part of their property from farmland into a woodsy retreat.

Outdoor Couple's Session in the winter for a Christmas Portrait by MN Photographer Nicki Joachim Photography of Owatonna Minnesota (6)


Creating Photos That Speak to You

Days are long, but the years are short so these sweet moments between a couple are exactly the ones that will be cherished for years to come. Luckily with photography, we are able to capture the moment and relive it each time we look at the image.

Adding in your items or even places to your outdoor session is an easy way to add meaning into your portraits. At Nicki Joachim Photography our goal is for your photography session to be as memorable as possible. If that means bringing in a few accessories to show your personality, we are all for it. Check out my portfolio for ideas of past items that clients have brought with to their outdoor photo sessions. Outdoor couple’s sessions can be booked during any time of the year.

Nicki Joachim Photography is based out of Owatonna, Minnesota and serves all of southern MN for newborns, maternity, couples, families, and weddings.

Wedding of Craig and Jasmine, Kasson, Minnesota ~ Wedding Photographer

As a child, I loved looking through my parents’ wedding album and imagining what their wedding was like. For Craig and Jasmine’s children, they will not only have beautiful photos to look back on, but they will also be able to remember being there to celebrate with their parents.

Before the ceremony, their daughter, little Livia found a caterpillar just outside the house. She delicately picked up the caterpillar and proudly showed me what she had discovered. Livia was overjoyed with her discovery and wanted to share it with everyone she saw. She knew what she was special so she protected as she walked around to share the caterpillar.

A New Life

A caterpillar is often seen as a symbol of pure potential or a new life. Could there be a more perfect coincidence? Craig and Jasmine were about to commit their lives to each other as husband and wife. The newlyweds were filled with such happiness it could be felt by all their friends and family in attendance. Even though it was quite a chilly day, the guests left with a warm feeling in their heart after seeing Craig and Jasmine exchange their vows. It is without a doubt, a day their children will look back on and treasure.

Looking for photos to show the connections in your family? Be sure to check out my family portrait sessions to see more of my work.