Bucket List for 2019

2018 is nearing its end, which means it’s time for reflection and goals. This year will mark the end of my first full year in business as a photographer. I have been challenged in ways I never imagined. In my most wild dreams, I never thought I would photograph a wedding. This year alone, I photographed four of them! I enjoyed each and every one and can’t wait to shoot more weddings in 2019. My ability to manage large groups of people was tested several times as I worked with extended families for photo sessions. Trust me, getting twenty people (many of which are young kids) to cooperate at the same time is no easy task. I was even ambitious enough to plan/host a shoot-out event for photographers from across Minnesota.

After all of this excitement, I am ready for more new challenges. For 2019, I have created a Bucket List of photography sessions that I would love to capture. Some of these sessions are new to me and some are sessions that I enjoyed so much that I can’t wait to do them again. I mean really, who wouldn’t just love being able to shoot more proposals?

Bucket List for 2019 portraits by MN Family Photographer Nicki Joachim Photography of Owatonna Minnesota

I am asking for your help in spreading the word. Please share this will anyone that might be interested in a more unique session experience. Completing my bucket list is a big part of my personal goals for 2019, so I will be offering special pricing on these sessions. Please contact me here or email me directly at info@nickijoachimphotography.com

Wedding of Craig and Jasmine, Kasson, Minnesota ~ Wedding Photographer

As a child, I loved looking through my parents’ wedding album and imagining what their wedding was like. For Craig and Jasmine’s children, they will not only have beautiful photos to look back on, but they will also be able to remember being there to celebrate with their parents.

Before the ceremony, their daughter, little Livia found a caterpillar just outside the house. She delicately picked up the caterpillar and proudly showed me what she had discovered. Livia was overjoyed with her discovery and wanted to share it with everyone she saw. She knew what she was special so she protected as she walked around to share the caterpillar.

A New Life

A caterpillar is often seen as a symbol of pure potential or a new life. Could there be a more perfect coincidence? Craig and Jasmine were about to commit their lives to each other as husband and wife. The newlyweds were filled with such happiness it could be felt by all their friends and family in attendance. Even though it was quite a chilly day, the guests left with a warm feeling in their heart after seeing Craig and Jasmine exchange their vows. It is without a doubt, a day their children will look back on and treasure.

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Wedding of Allison & Craig -Blooming Prairie, Minnesota | Owatonna Photographer, Nicki Joachim Photography

Rain on their wedding day in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota was surely a sign of good luck for Allison and Craig. Yes, it’s true their wedding day did not start the way anyone would dream, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the perfect day. The rain came down as Allison and Craig finished getting ready and anticipated their first look. They dodged the rain to find each other underneath her father’s tall pine trees. The second Craig turned around to see his bride, he was beaming from ear to ear. From that moment on, the rain stayed at bay for their wedding. With perfect timing, the sun came out for Allison to walk down the aisle with her father by her side. Teary-eyed Allison exchanged vows with Craig who looked like the happiest man on earth. As soon as their union was sealed with a kiss, their friends and family cheered with excitement. The rest of the wedding day went off without a hitch. To simply say the day was fun would be an understatement, but for some things words aren’t enough and that’s why I take photos.

Your Special Day Means the World to Me

I just love weddings, there’s nothing better than seeing two people in love get all dressed up and promise to be true to each other. Each time I am chosen to photograph someone’s wedding, I feel truly honored. Yes, it gives me warm fuzzies to know they like my photography skills, but that’s not what makes me feel honored. On your wedding day, you spend almost the entire day with your spouse, but of course you have someone there to document the day, your photographer. I am honored that you want to spend one of the most important days of your life hanging out with me. You trust me to keep things going smoothly and help you have a good time. To all of my past and future wedding clients, thank you for selecting me out of the sea of wedding photographers to spend the day with you. As always, if you know someone getting married I would love for you to share my information (https://nickijoachimphotography.com/weddings/) with them.

We Are Owatonna

Owatonna is the place I have called home my entire life and now I have the joy to photograph people and events. Last week southern Minnesota was hit with tornadoes, we lucked out in Owatonna and only had straight line winds. If you talked to the people with damage from fallen trees or those who went without power for days, they may not agree that we were lucky. I agree fallen trees and going without electricity is a pain, but I feel Owatonna was incredibly lucky. We are lucky because when people were in need our true colors shined through the doom and gloom.

outdoor nature lifestyle event photography by MN lifestyle photographer Nicki Joachim Photography of Owatonna Minnesota

A bright spot in the aftermath of the storm was when a small restaurant stepped up and offered a free hot meal to those working long hours in the cold to restore power. The Black Sheep Burgers and Brew posted on Facebook that they would supply the sandwiches and asked the community if they would help by donating items water and items for sides. This is how my kiddos got involved, we picked up a few things to drop off at The Black Sheep. While we were there another local business, Cedar Floral stopped in to donate money to offset the cost of food. Both of the owners of The Black Sheep came out to greet my kids and thank them for their support and donations. My kids left the restaurant beaming, you would have sworn they had just had ice cream from the smiles on their faces. What the owners of these two local businesses didn’t see was the impact they had on my kids. The ripple effect had started and Jake (5) and Ellie (3) wanted to keep it going so we parked our car on a street near the damage and set out to help. We started picking up branches that were on the road and sidewalks. This is when we saw another ripple. A person got out of their car with a case of water and walked up to a house that had an enormous fallen tree. They handed the owner the water and just wanted to let them know that people were thinking of them.

Fast forward a few hours and it was time for the delayed homecoming parade. Gone was the gloomy morning, the had sun came out in full force for the parade as if to show the healing that was happening. We are lucky to have so many people willing to give of their time and energy when another person is in need. For all of this, thank you.


Birthday Like No Other

No matter how hard we try, time keeps ticking on and before we know it, it’s our birthday and we’re another year older. Each year wrinkles become deeper and hair turns grayer, but with that comes all the best joys in life. My dad turned 60 this month and of course we all got together to celebrate his birthday. The sun poured through the trees onto the tables set with some of my dad’s favorite snacks, peanuts and popcorn. The grandkids couldn’t help but much on the food as everyone arrived. Even a stray cat decided to sneak some popcorn when she thought no one was looking. One of my favorite parts of a birthday party is watching the guest of honor open their presents. The look of surprise and joy as they open their gifts get me every time. My dad is usually a nonchalant guy, but this time we were able to shock him with a replica gun (I have no idea what kind) and a tank driving experience. The surprises didn’t stop there, we also had a cake made by Bojo’s Creations (https://www.bojoscreations.com/)  that looked like a stump with mushrooms growing on it and everything! It was such a shame to cut it up, but the flavor did not disappoint. Overall it was a day for the books!

Go for it, celebrate that birthday

Why am I going on and on about all the details of my dad’s party? Why do you care? Well, because we aren’t always guaranteed another birthday to celebrate whether it ours or someone’s that we care about. So, go crazy, buy the expensive cake, put up the decorations, and let loose. Have a party worthy to be the last one, every time you celebrate someone’s life.

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