Birthday Like No Other

No matter how hard we try, time keeps ticking on and before we know it, it’s our birthday and we’re another year older. Each year wrinkles become deeper and hair turns grayer, but with that comes all the best joys in life. My dad turned 60 this month and of course we all got together to celebrate his birthday. The sun poured through the trees onto the tables set with some of my dad’s favorite snacks, peanuts and popcorn. The grandkids couldn’t help but much on the food as everyone arrived. Even a stray cat decided to sneak some popcorn when she thought no one was looking. One of my favorite parts of a birthday party is watching the guest of honor open their presents. The look of surprise and joy as they open their gifts get me every time. My dad is usually a nonchalant guy, but this time we were able to shock him with a replica gun (I have no idea what kind) and a tank driving experience. The surprises didn’t stop there, we also had a cake made by Bojo’s Creations (  that looked like a stump with mushrooms growing on it and everything! It was such a shame to cut it up, but the flavor did not disappoint. Overall it was a day for the books!

Go for it, celebrate that birthday

Why am I going on and on about all the details of my dad’s party? Why do you care? Well, because we aren’t always guaranteed another birthday to celebrate whether it ours or someone’s that we care about. So, go crazy, buy the expensive cake, put up the decorations, and let loose. Have a party worthy to be the last one, every time you celebrate someone’s life.

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