Wedding of Allison & Craig -Blooming Prairie, Minnesota | Owatonna Photographer, Nicki Joachim Photography

Rain on their wedding day in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota was surely a sign of good luck for Allison and Craig. Yes, it’s true their wedding day did not start the way anyone would dream, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the perfect day. The rain came down as Allison and Craig finished getting ready and anticipated their first look. They dodged the rain to find each other underneath her father’s tall pine trees. The second Craig turned around to see his bride, he was beaming from ear to ear. From that moment on, the rain stayed at bay for their wedding. With perfect timing, the sun came out for Allison to walk down the aisle with her father by her side. Teary-eyed Allison exchanged vows with Craig who looked like the happiest man on earth. As soon as their union was sealed with a kiss, their friends and family cheered with excitement. The rest of the wedding day went off without a hitch. To simply say the day was fun would be an understatement, but for some things words aren’t enough and that’s why I take photos.

Your Special Day Means the World to Me

I just love weddings, there’s nothing better than seeing two people in love get all dressed up and promise to be true to each other. Each time I am chosen to photograph someone’s wedding, I feel truly honored. Yes, it gives me warm fuzzies to know they like my photography skills, but that’s not what makes me feel honored. On your wedding day, you spend almost the entire day with your spouse, but of course you have someone there to document the day, your photographer. I am honored that you want to spend one of the most important days of your life hanging out with me. You trust me to keep things going smoothly and help you have a good time. To all of my past and future wedding clients, thank you for selecting me out of the sea of wedding photographers to spend the day with you. As always, if you know someone getting married I would love for you to share my information ( with them.

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