Time is Fleeting

Every adult says it, and it feels like a cliché until you realize it’s true, time flies. It’s not like someone actually hits the fast forward button on our lives like in Click, but it sure feels like it. As we get older, our time is taken up with driving kids to practices, appointments, playdates, and of course shopping for the last minute dress-up day at school. Not to mention

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Happy New Year!

Helllloooooo 2022!!! It’s that time of year again; everyone is making goals and changes to improve their lives. Well, I decided it was time to attempt another 365 project. Back in 2018, I drove myself crazy taking hundreds of pictures each day trying to find something new and interesting to share. I have already decided this time will be different. I want, no NEED your help. You’re probably wondering what

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Small Business Saturday!!

The pie is gone and we have started to get creative with leftover turkey; that can only mean one thing, it’s SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! After shopping on Black Friday, you realized you have people on your list that are impossible to shop for. Grandpa and Grandma really don’t need another crock pot or have space for a 72 inch tv. What do you buy for someone like this? A gift

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Coping with the Greatest Loss

I have been debating whether or not to share a piece of my private life that has been impacting my business. Well, I saw that October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month so here goes nothing. For those of you that know me personally, you know that I have a history with miscarriages. To understand my recent struggles, you need to know where it all started… The Anticipation

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Challenging Co-workers

My co-worker (E) didn’t care for the color of her work materials so she stormed off to the job. Meanwhile my other co-worker (J) complained about E’s inability to be a team player for the project and suggested that we just continue without her. More complaints continued until we decided it was time to cave in an eat some carbs for comfort. How are things going with your new co-workers?

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