Happy New Year!

Helllloooooo 2022!!! It’s that time of year again; everyone is making goals and changes to improve their lives. Well, I decided it was time to attempt another 365 project. Back in 2018, I drove myself crazy taking hundreds of pictures each day trying to find something new and interesting to share. I have already decided this time will be different. I want, no NEED your help. You’re probably wondering what you’re going to be helping with. You are going to my MVPs; my everything. Support me by following along with my journey. Keep me accountable for sharing images whether I like them or not. Cheer me on to keep going, especially during these cold months when my inspiration feels limited. Give me weird challenges to complete. In return, I will have opportunities for more creative model sessions giving you a chance to step in front of the camera. This is going to be fun! Feel free to send me your ideas through email, message, or just commenting on my posts.

For those of you not on Instagram, here’s a peek at what you have been missing.

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