Senior Portraits ~ Owatonna Senior Photographer

Now is the time to start planning your senior portrait session! I am on the hunt for 2020 seniors that are interested in having a fun photo session. Students that are chosen will have the opportunity to be a featured senior for the upcoming school year. Only a limited number of seniors will be accepted from each school.

Please contact me at to check on the availability for your high school.


Bucket List for 2019

2018 is nearing its end, which means it’s time for reflection and goals. This year will mark the end of my first full year in business as a photographer. I have been challenged in ways I never imagined. In my most wild dreams, I never thought I would photograph a wedding. This year alone, I photographed four of them! I enjoyed each and every one and can’t wait to shoot more weddings in 2019. My ability to manage large groups of people was tested several times as I worked with extended families for photo sessions. Trust me, getting twenty people (many of which are young kids) to cooperate at the same time is no easy task. I was even ambitious enough to plan/host a shoot-out event for photographers from across Minnesota.

After all of this excitement, I am ready for more new challenges. For 2019, I have created a Bucket List of photography sessions that I would love to capture. Some of these sessions are new to me and some are sessions that I enjoyed so much that I can’t wait to do them again. I mean really, who wouldn’t just love being able to shoot more proposals?

Bucket List for 2019 portraits by MN Family Photographer Nicki Joachim Photography of Owatonna Minnesota

I am asking for your help in spreading the word. Please share this will anyone that might be interested in a more unique session experience. Completing my bucket list is a big part of my personal goals for 2019, so I will be offering special pricing on these sessions. Please contact me here or email me directly at

Miller Family, Owatonna, MN ~Family Photography

Bubbles, leaves, laughter, and even a game of “Ring Around the Rosie” made the Miller extended family photo session a night to remember. I was lucky enough to have Rita has a co-worker back during my teaching days. From my time spent teaching in Waseca, I knew that Rita is a special person, but meeting her family proved this even more. They made me feel like a member of the group as we joked around.  Never once did they question one of my crazy photo ideas.

If the Session Was Fun, the Reveal Will be a Blast!

Even with all the fun we had at the session, the best part was when Rita and Joe came over to view their final images. They sat down in the dark room to watch their video and they quickly started talking about each picture as it came on the screen. Listening to their reactions was priceless. Rita kept saying “Ooh I like this one!” and “Just look at us!” Whenever little Ava came on the screen, Joe would so proudly say “That’s my girl!” It was obvious that he was one proud grandpa! When the video was done, we covered all the purchasing options. Then Rita said something that still makes me smile when I think about it, “Can we watch it again?” This is what I love. Creating images that you need to look at again and again because they make you feel happy is something that I just love.

Enjoy this small sample from the Miller’s family photo session. Want your own gallery of images? Now is the perfect time to get a great deal on a family session for 2019! Check out for my #cyberMonday sale.

Ordal Family, Owatonna, MN ~Family Photographer

It’s no secret that I spend a lot of time photographing families in and around Owatonna, MN, especially during the fall. During the planning phase of a family photo session, I  ask what your main goal is for your session. When I asked Whitney what her goal was, she said she wanted to capture this fun time in their daughter’s life. She realized how quickly their daughter was changing and wanted some good photos to document it all. This spoke to my soul, there’s nothing better than being given the freedom to just capture people how they are.

Telling the Whole Story

Sometimes family photographers stop shooting when a child stops smiling, but then we are only showing part of the story. Whitney’s comment about capturing this age, made me feel free to keep shooting even when things weren’t “picture perfect.” The end result is something that I just love! It tells a story of our time together, a story that is completely unique to them. It has what every good story has…the time spent getting to know the characters, the problem that needs to be overcome (HUNGER!!!), and of course the heartfelt ending. If I had stopped shooting during the less than happy moments, then the Ordal family would have an incomplete story. The teary-eyed moments help us appreciate the smiles and enjoy them that much more. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family’s story.