Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Life as we know it has changed and let’s be honest, it’s tough! I could easily go through and list all the things that are bumming me out, but what good would that really do? Rather than venturing down that rabbit hole, I’m going to push my disappointment aside. Right now it’s time to focus on getting to the other side of the rainbow “where trouble melts like lemon drops.” My first attempt to look past the uncertainty of our daily lives was creating rainbows with a pot of gold at the end. The images below are proof of the joy this project brought to our lives. While we were busy painting, we talked about how to hold a paintbrush, mixing new colors and even plotted against a sneaky leprechaun. COVID-19 was not mentioned once.

This type of lighthearted fun is exactly what I recommend for you and your kids while school is out. As a licensed elementary teacher, I know the education materials your teacher is providing are valuable, but taking take of your child’s mental health during this scary time is even more important. Kids are like sponges, they take in everything that is going on around them. Let’s filter out some of the fear with good old fashioned fun and help everyone get past the clouds, to the place where dreams really do come true.

Activity 1:

Rainbow with pot of gold. Paint palm black and each finger a color of the rainbow. Place hand a piece of paper. Wash the painted hand. Paint the lines for the rainbow. Let is dry for a bit. Paint gold in the pot. Ta-da! Your project is done! We used our leftover paint to free paint pictures for grandparents.

Activity 2:

Bake something -we made muffins from a box! Let the kids help out by getting out/adding ingredients, reading directions and of course stirring. It doesn’t have to turn out great as long as the experience is fun!

Activity 3:

Reading! Read a book to your kids and give each character a silly voice. My son even decided to read and copy the voices I used. Need some time to yourself? That’s okay! Have your kids read a book to a pet or a stuffed animal. Not quite reading yet? Have your kiddo look at the pictures and make up a story to go along with them. These are all great activities for beginning readers! Need more tips, feel free to reach out and I would gladly help.

Looking for more ideas? Come back and see what we’re up to. We’re going to see this time together as a blessing and will be making as many memories as possible.

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