Pregnant and Waiting

People say there’s no greater joy than being pregnant, but I would say they’re wrong. They have the right idea, but it needs a bit of tweaking.  I prefer to think of pregnancy as the happiest reason ever for feeling like crap. It’s no secret that being pregnant presents it’s challenges, but the reward definitely offsets everything a mother has to endure.

Newlyweds Jon and Teresa are expecting their first child, a boy in December. This means Teresa is several months pregnant and dealing with the not so enjoyable aches and pains that accompany this exciting time. An outsider looking at these images, only sees the look of complete happiness on the faces of Jon and Teresa. While I was talking with Jon and Teresa about their little man, Jon’s mom kept piping in and calling him “Baby JJ.” Her level of excitement was apparent as she affectionately referred to her grandson as “Baby JJ.” A silly nickname for the baby is one of those pains no one warns new mothers about, but Teresa took it in stride. All joking aside, welcoming a new baby is a family affair and these two are very lucky their little boy has an amazing extended family that can’t wait for his arrival.

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