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We finally took our 7-month-old golden retriever puppy, Jordy to the vet to be spayed. It seemed like once she was old enough to have the procedure done, I always had an excuse not to make the appointment. She was in puppy obedience training, it was the busy season for my photography business, it was close to Thanksgiving…basically life was an excuse. When we had a family member’s male dog come visit and Mat asked if he had been neutered that was it, reality set in. It was time to make the appointment. As I took Jordy to the vet, I was confident that I was making the best decision for our family. During the day I received the phone call that Jordy was out of surgery and everything went well. I was relieved. There’s always a risk that something could happen and our family just couldn’t handle another loss.

Returning Home

Fast forward to the evening when Mat brought our puppy home. She hardly came near me. My puppy that normally plows down anyone or anything in her way to get to me, didn’t show an interest in being close to me. She laid down on the living room floor and hardly moved all night. She was in tears and occasionally she would whimper. I laid down next to her and talked to her like I would any person. I explained that her operation when well, which meant she would never have puppies. The whimpering noises she had been making changed and took on a definite crying tone.

Seeing it From A Different Perspective

The sound made me think about how awful this conversation would be if I were having it with a woman instead of a dog. Of course, that thought is all it took for me to question my decision altogether. My poor dog was crying, did she know what she had lost? Was she mourning the puppies that she would never be able to have? Did she see me as the awful person that brought her to the mean people that hurt her? Our poor girl didn’t sleep all night, instead she cried in her kennel. It ripped at my heart so much that I had to sleep on the couch. Yes, she is now recovering nicely. The incision looks good and her appetite has returned, but I can still feel her loss.

How did your pet respond to being spayed/neutered?

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