In Her Eyes

It’s no secret that I take a million pictures of my kids around Owatonna, but what happened one night truly amazed me. I asked Ellie to model one of my new dresses for princess photo sessions. The whole time I was trying to take her picture, Ellie kept looking at the ground. Eventually I got annoyed and asked what why she wouldn’t just look at me for a second. Her response was “I’m a princess!” I told her I knew she was a princess, but I needed her to show me her beautiful eyes. Then she said it again “I’m a princess! Mama, I’m a princess!” She started twirling around in the dress and I sat back in awe of her and that’s when I saw it.

Ellie held on to the sides of her dress as if she were going to curtsey and looked down at the ground. Her shadow looked just like the silhouette of Cinderella. At that moment, every part of Ellie believed she was the princess that she was seeing.

It took my 3 year old telling me, for me to see the magic that was happening before my eyes. It never ceases to amaze how everyday activities look so different in the eyes of a child. Dream big princess, dream big.




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