Forever & Always


It’s a word that I’ve heard many times on my favorite shows or read in someone’s obituary. Now it has a new and completely real meaning to me.

Meet Nacho

Ten years ago, he was found running near Moorhead, MN. He was wet, dirty, skinny, and very afraid of people.

Meet me

A country kid, living in town hours away from my family and completely overwhelmed with my college schedule.

Saving Each Other

Our worlds collided after I had an especially hard day. Mat had the genius idea to take me to the Humane Society in Moorhead to get some animal therapy. Walking through the shelter I pet pretty much every cat and dog that I passed. In the last kennel, there he was all curled up in the corner. He was ugly and I didn’t want anything to do with him, but Mat suggested that we take him outside to play. He wagged his tail at me and rolled over with his stomach toward the sky. “He’s showing you his stomach, that means he trusts you” is what the worker told me. I don’t know why those words mattered so much, but from that point on it was a done deal, I was going to bring him home one way or another. Thankfully Mat can’t say no to me, so he adopted Nacho.

A New Beginning 

There was a distinct transformation, this timid, weak dog began to gain strength and confidence. He was no longer Nacho, he was now my beloved Cooper. Cooper would go on to transform into whatever I needed at the moment, much like an imaginary friend would for child, but the difference is, he is very real.

To be continued…


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