A peek behind the lens…

I have to start by saying this is VERY hard for me. Talking or even thinking about myself doesn’t come naturally. So with that in mind, this may be a bit scatterbrained, like me. 

Completing a single thought can be nearly impossible at times, in thanks to my two kids that are growing up way too quickly. Luckily, my husband has developed the skill of mindreading and knows exactly what I can’t think of.

I have always felt this pull to see new things and experience everything the world has to offer. Spur of the moment trips are pretty common with my family. Whether it’s heading up to the North Shore or driving 24 hours to Florida, we are always on the go. 

Baseball isn’t just a sport, it’s a part of who I am. I am fully aware this is may sound crazy, but there are worse obsessions. 

In another lifetime, I went to college at NDSU and VCSU for Child Development & Elementary Education. Being an elementary teacher was my life for 8 years. Making kids smile has always come naturally, now I get to make beautiful artwork out of those smiles. 

I look forward to creating beautiful pieces of art for your family!